For those of you who, like us, wondered what is UP with that “Wa-oh-wa-oh” stuff in today's young people's music, The Patterning does a pretty decent job trying to explain it: The Millennial Whoop: A glorious obsession with the melodic alternation between the fifth and the third.

This is genius. Looks like it's by our competition in Russia. And, even though our competitors came up with this, it's brilliant and we don't mind sharing. Well, ok, we don't mind sharing and we don't have plans to deploy to Russia until at least three weeks from today.

This clip from the staircase scene in Rocky sans music has been a source of great hilarity at Lovemonk.
The fact is, music matters when it comes to tell the tale.

We have embarked on a rewarding adventure: Publishing a book. That's right. With a little help from our friends, that is.

The story goes like this. Several Lovemonkers read the book and were mesmerized by it. One of them was the eminent Yuri Méndez Jr., AKA Pajaro Sunrise. In fact, he liked it so much, and felt so eager to talk about it with his friends, he proceeded to translate it, just for the sake of it;  so he could share it with those friends who were turned off when faced with the prospect of attempting to read the English original.

When we got word, we were totally carried away and decided we HAD to publish it in Spanish. We got together with our friends at Léeme Libros to get it done and, well, the book can now be purchased at the finest establishments. A book. Not an audio book, not a CD featuring a presumptuous booklet. No, sir. A 400 pages long book. We are visionaries. A videoclub is due next.

If you've kept on reading up to this point, you're probably curious to learn what the book is about, why Jarvis Cocker, Jack White, and Alex Ross praise it so much. And for those of you who understand Spanish, here's a wonderful article about the book, featured in Babelia.

A while ago we took part in Magical Girl, a Carlos Vermut film produced by Aquí y Allí Films.
We were associated producers and also helped out with the soundtrack. The movie received high praise from critics, was nominated for the Goyas and took home the San Sebastian Festival Best Director and Best Movie awards. Pedro Almodóvar himself said Magical Girl was the one revelation in Spanish cinema so far this century. No small feat.

And we're, once again, very excited. Once more, we are taking part with Aquí y Allí Films, in what will be a much-talked-about project: Las Furias -The Furies- directed by Miguel del Arco and featuring a great cast. More on this, soon.